Carl Price
Vice President of Product Development


We bring innovative products to market.


A Division of Sales Support Dayton, Inc.
dba DaytonIT and an extension of Smart Global LLC



Based in Dayton, Ohio we assist entrepreneurs to follow in the great footsteps of other legendary Dayton, Ohio entrepreneurs and inventors like:

John Balsley – Inventor of the Stepladder
Frank Caldwell –
Controllable Pitch Propeller
Ermal T. Fraze –
Pull Tab and Pop Top Beverage Cans
Arthur Frei –
Ice Cube Tray with Ejector Mechanism
Charles F. Kettering –
Automobile Starter and over 300 other patents
E.F. McDonald –
James Ritty –
Cash Register
Floyd Smith –
Orville & Wilbur Wright –

For other Dayton innovations, inventions, inventors and history visit Dayton’s
office website: